The dwarf merchant-turned-warrior who's just trying to get home.


Rune grew up on a small island in the dwarven kingdom of Mazark. The island was overrun by giants and those dwarves who weren’t killed or absent during the invasion were driven away. Now the dwarves of Mazark are broken and scattered, unable to find safe harbor in the neighboring kingdoms. As no respectable employer wants to hire a dwarf, Rune joined up with the Dwarven Merchants Guild, an organization with a reputation for thieving and smuggling across the various islands and kingdoms outside of the Imperium. He worked for that organization for several years and on his final delivery everything seemed to be going well. Turns out that taking a wagon loaded down with contraband silver through a swamp doesn’t make for a smooth trip. After running from an unknown creature that killed nine of his ten companions, he escaped through a combination of luck and a good sense of direction. He now hides from the Merchants Guild using the alias “Rune” until he finds a way to escape punishment from the Guild for a missed delivery.

  • Rune hasn’t used his real name in over a decade, nor has he revealed it or his history. As far as anyone else knows, he’s just a dwarf who’s down on his luck.
  • He uses a staff because his ancestral battleaxe was on the wagon in the swamp. He hopes to go back and reclaim his axe; if he can recover some of the silver and use it to fund an expedition to Mazark, all the better for him.
  • Rune is an avid reader and is especially fond of pulp adventure and trashy romance novels.


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