New Tides

Rune's Journal: Entry 1

Session 3 Recap

Well, it looks like these chaps can handle themselves in a fight. The halfling seems to be a little trigger-happy, the soldier is clearly experienced, and that blasted pretty-boy sailor flails around with his swords quite effectively. I don’t trust “Hank” as far as I could throw him, but he might as well be a knight in shining armor compared to the other elves I’ve worked with. Besides, he can pilot a boat as well as those Gith, so I might as well learn to tolerate his…peculiar sense of humor.
We recently acquired that statue for Fenrir with relative ease and even found a handful of valuables (of course I took inventory, as I seem to be the only one here with a history in business practices). The boat back from the pirate’s cove was besieged by those damnable stirges, of course; at least I had the opportunity to use the double-fisted fighting techniques that I’ve seen Corporal Kirk use in “Swords and Shields.” Told the lads that it was a fighting style from one of the clans on my home island. I must say, the book makes it seem much more dangerous; I think it may only ever be useful against insects of unusual size, but it keeps me from swinging my axe at my companions.
Anyway, we made it back to town in one piece and delivered Fenrir’s statue. Fenrir has so far been a fair and generous host, allowing us to store our excess funds and equipment in his manor while we are out on expeditions. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be doing business with him but I’m sure my belongings will be safe in his estate.
Fenrir also gave us directions to another possible treasure hoard, up in the mountains to the north. Of course we accepted (what else is there to do for work here, besides fishing) and yesterday we hired a fisherman and his boat to take us upriver. Unfortunately, we ran into another gigantic snake, which promptly ate the fisherman. After the inevitable fight, we agreed to take the boat back to town and find the man’s wife. We delivered the bad news and she was utterly distraught. We all chipped in to give the grieving widow enough gold to cover a decent funeral and to feed her family for quite some time.
Now we’re taking that boat north in our second attempt to find the location of this second treasure hoard. I have no clue what to expect, but I’ve prepared for what we’ve already seen. In case we run into another one of those metal-eating monsters, I’ve bought a tabard that’s thick enough to reasonably protect my armor. I failed to find any protection from these stirges, but I think a gorget would be sufficient.
I truly hope this expedition ends on a high note. It would be a shame to spend our vacation in the mountains faffing about with nothing to show for it.


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