New Tides

The party, split up only by minutes, all decide to head into the cave with the monstrous opening. There are three groups only minutes apart. The rogue leads the way, moving slowly but silently. The elf quickly catches him, and the two head onwards. Balfor, carrying a passed out halfling, and Rune descend only a minute behind them.

The two in the lead trigger a boulder trap and are quickly engaged in an Indiana Jones style boulder chase. Erlak tries to dive around the boulder before it gets moving and is majorly injured in the attempt, but still functioning enough to ring his bell for help.

The elf outruns the boulder, dropping his pack behind him to slow it down.

With all the commotion (and a lot of bell ringing), the party meets up again and they continue down the tunnel.

They come across a small offshoot and try to peer inside but a crazed elderly elf wielding a rapier charges out at them. They kill him swiftly and search his room, discovering the journal Fenrir desires and recovering the man’s +2 rapier.

To be continued…


ngkern52 ngkern52

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