New Tides

The Winged and the Wingless

Session 4 Recap

Headed north on a now all too familiar river, the party finally takes the right path when coming to the first fork. Two more days are spent on the river, and the crew is forced to deal with more stirge attacks. The creatures seem relentless, coming every dusk. The following morning they come to another fork, and take the left path, as was indicated by Fenrir.

Soon into their fourth day on the water they are attacked by more bird men, this time swinging from trees and firing arrows at them from the banks. After a somewhat prolonged fight they manage to get ashore and dispatch all of their attackers. They stumbled upon a small dock, hidden by foliage from the river. They also see some wooden posts that suggest a trail, and find they lead to a stairwell going up. Not wanting to push further without recovery, they wait out the day by the dock.

The engineer rigs up a time bomb and straps it to the only Kenku they have managed to capture. Then they let the Kenku go, hoping he will run home and destroy any of the others.

They awake the following morning and begin to follow the path, which leads them to some stone stairs. They mount these and discover a Kenku village at the top. Three of them are peacefully taken prisoner and led to a large circular pit, where they are thrown in. Erlak pretends to be tied but manages to get his hands free.

The are going to be sacrificed to some large bird, it seems, based on the surroundings.

Back at the town entrance the halfling and the human are busy trying to come up with a plan. It ends poorly. After the barbarian hits one of the kenku with his maul, those left guarding them attack.

Meanwhile, the Kenku Rune had saved earlier gets him taken out of the pit and hands him three gold pieces.

Chaos ensues. The large bird, known as a peryton, attacks the elf and gnome in the pit, but they manage to escape. Rune spends most of the fight running across rooftops in an attempt to get within range of the bird. The barbarian is surrounded but the Engineer comes to his aid, and the two make an epic stand with a combination of sheer force and a few miracles. Erlak flees the fight and runs into a large tunnel whose entryway resembles the open mouth of a monstrous creature.

The bird is killed through the efforts of Rune, and a nice shot by “Hank”. Hank takes off after Erlak. Rune waits up for the halfling and barbarian, who are both thoroughly bloodied. The remaining kenku have fled into the houses and are cowering from the violence that has come so suddenly to their community.

Finally, the engineer unconscious in the Barbarian’s arms, Rune and Balfor head into the tunnel.

And this is where we leave our heroes…

*Side Note: Erlak acquired a miner’s hat that was much coveted by his companions. Thought it worth mentioning.


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